FasTer Series
Face Recognition Terminals

Non-contact interaction

Accurate recognition

Rapid detection & Automatic alarm

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Driven by an embedded Linux system, our face recognition terminal can provide fast response time and stable performance in diverse scenarios such as access control, attendance logging, visitor management, and much more. Integrated with our industry-leading face recognition algorithm, our solution can authenticate faces in a matter of milliseconds using thousands of offline databases. Additionally, by using our modular design management system, customers can effectively manage all users and terminals via easy web-access.


Non-contact interaction*

Non-contact face recognition and temperature measuring reduce detection time and risk of contamination.

Accurate recognition*

High accuracy detector technology provides precise temperature measurement when the industry-leading face algorithm ensures accurate identity verification.

Rapid detection

Rapid non-contact detection, which powered by the high-performed AI processor, improves the efficiency of person filtering and identity verification.

Automatic alarm

Customized alarms for abnormal body temperatures or illegal identity on the blacklist.

*Face recognition data based on Chinese face testing.

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