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Denali System is considered as one of the fast-growing startups and a leading provider of cutting-edge enterprise-class data analytics solutions. 

Denali System is committed to providing enterprise-class big data analytics platform and to build a full stack advanced analytics capability for users. The platform helps enterprises to achieve data management, data analysis, algorithm development, and algorithm operation in a closed loop whole process system.

Denali System has been focusing on the finance sector due to its enormous market size in China. In 2019, there were about 790 million life insurance contracts signed in China. The Chinese government requires the entire sale process to be recorded, met strict standards, and be stored for at least ten years for some specific categories of insurance. The requirements are to protect policyholders and to prevent insurance fraud.

Denali’s Insurance Inspection Solution is built to response to the current pain points of the video recordings verification process in the insurance industry.

The solution uses advanced analytics technologies to not only improve the efficiency of video verification but also reduce the non-compliance risk and the workload of quality inspection. These merits help insurance companies to decrease costs and increase efficiency quickly. It is estimated that by adopting our solution, the companies can save at least 50% of the expense on the video verification process.


Real-Time Inspection

Our real-time inspection feature can provide real-time feedback during the recording process, and the insurance agent can adjust the recording accordingly. With our solution, real-time detection can improve the recording quality and compliance rate significantly.

Combined with post-verification, the solution is compatible with different video recording scenarios in the insurance industry.

Innovative Features

The insurance smart recording solution is based on computer vision technologies to verify the recordings for compliance. The algorithms are thoroughly tuned for the specific recording scenarios and remarkably improved accuracy and performance. In each inspection checkpoints, the solution can quickly perform the faces-in-frame checking, 3-step sales agent identity verification, and insurance policy verification.

Our 3-step identity verification includes insurance license verification, ID verification, and face recognition.


Risk Control

Our smart solution lowers compliance risks and is cost-effective for insurance companies. The solution helps audit insurance agents to prevent violations from sales behaviors.

Meanwhile, it distinctly boosts the efficiency of companies' risk management and consequently creates a high industry-leading risk management standard.



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