FV Series
Finger Vein Recognition Terminals

Enhanced security

Strong adaptability

High accuracy & User-friendly

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FV (finger vein) recognition terminals are one of the mainstream biometric recognition solutions from GRGBanking. By utilizing unique vein patterns of blood inside your finger for identity authentication, FV technology is faster and more accurate than traditional authentication methods. GRGBanking's FV recognition terminals are not only compatible for single-use, but also can be embedded with conventional equipment with its compact design to provide seamless and convenient identity authentication experiences.


                   FV001                                         FV004


Enhanced security

The unique features based on live finger detection, effectively prevent spoofing and fraud.

Strong adaptability

It is not affected by extreme environmental conditions. It also works with all types of fingers, no more limitation of age.

High accuracy

Finger vein patterns are different for each person, even for identical twins. It can be used interchangeably for a person's lifetime.


The contactless process of registration and authentication is suitable for all users.


*FAR: false accept rate

*FRR: false reject rate

More details please contact: ai@grgbanking.com