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GRGBanking face recognition gate is an intelligent access control terminal that integrates with a self-developed facial recognition algorithm. It can be widely deployed in multiple scenarios such as airport, building, transportation, and community, etc. Face recognition gate can observably promote the security of access control when it can also reduce the time for the passenger to authenticate identity with its unique features of biometric verification.



- Fast and accurate verification: With infrared detection and deep-learning algorithm, the customer can be verified in 1S, which provides real convenient and “no-sense” experience for access control.

- Impeccable quality: The gate is made of stainless steel and PPMA, which passed the severe test of quality. It can provide customer stable and long-time working status either indoor or outdoor condition.

- All-around security: It is designed with the user-friendly principle, the operation and interaction are more friendly and comfortable for the customer. When the power is suddenly off, the gate can automatically open and allow customers to pass. At the same time, it also integrates with the special technology that can detect the external passing and striking, which can prevent clamping for the customer.



Gate Unit

Basic Spec

Dimension: 1600*180*1020(mm)

Material of frame: 1.5mm SUS#304

Material of door: 10mm PMMA

Pass width: 600mm (opt. 900mm)

Basic Functions

Detection sensor: 20

Pass method: One-way, dual-way (opt.)

Open speed: 0.4s-1.2s (adjustable)

Operation mode: Normal open / Normal close (adjustable)

Light indication: Status indication

Protection: Prevention of clamping, bumping, over-voltage, and over current.

Extra options: Contactless card reader, QR code scanner.


Electrical Spec

Input voltage: 110~220V, 50~60Hz

Working voltage: DC 24V±5%

Working temperature: -20~60

Working humidity: 10%~97% (without condensation)


Face recognition Unit

Basic Spec

Recognition mode: 1:1 / 1: N (alternative)

Offline data: ≤10,000 pictures

Recognized speed: ≤500ms

Detection range: 300-1,000mm

Recognition rate: 99%*

Liveness detection: Infrared light for spoof prevention of pictures, videos, and masks. Basic Spec *Result based on Chinese face testing.