H48ND Series
Full Function Island Drive-up ATM

Self-owned Cash Processing Technology

All-weather Solution & Ultimate Reliability

Premier Security & Flexible Scalability

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The H48ND is a full-function drive-up ATM in an island style designed to cope with all weather conditions. It offers cash withdrawal, bundle cash and check deposit as well as a broad range of other services, such as funds transfer, bill payment, statement printing, envelope depositing, etc. With compact transaction area, large screen and short reach, H48ND is an ideal solution for your demand of drive-up banking, delivering great consumer usability across a wide range of vehicles.



All-weather Solution

Heat insulation layer and built-in heating module protect against extreme temperature, water diversion design reinforces the water-proof performance of the machine.


Ultimate Reliability

High speed and large capacity of cash processing units, unique offline diagnostic system and large volume paper roll of receipt printer minimize down-time


Premier Security

Tamper-proof card slot, anti-skimming technology, high resolution camera and DVR guarantee secure transaction environment.


Flexible Scalability

A wide range of upgrade options are available such as bill payment, prepaid card top-up, fund transfer as well as statement printing.



Controlling Unit

Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 3.3Ghz CPU, 4G RAM (up to 16GB)

500G HDD (Dual HDD support), DVD-RW

Windows® XP / 7 /10


Banknote Processing Unit

High-speed bunch dispenser:

-Dispensing speed: 7 notes per second

-Max. 100 notes per transaction

-Cassette capacity: max. 3,500 notes*

-Max. 4 cassettes

-Reject capacity: max. 300 notes*

-Retract capacity: max. 300 notes*

OCR for note serial number recognition (opt.)


Banknote & check acceptor:

-Processing speed: 6 notes or 1 check per second

-Escrow capacity: 100 notes or 50 checks/mixed

-Cassette capacity: 2,000 notes or checks per cassette*

-2 cassettes

-Retract bin capacity: 100 notes

-Reject bin capacity: 50 notes

-Support 128 denominations


Customer Interfaces Display:

-15’’ TFT color LCD with 2*4 function keys (touch screen opt.)

-Optional brightness of screen



-Tactile 4*4 alphanumeric keypad

-PCI compliant EPP


Card reader:

-DIP card reader

- Motorized card reader (opt.)

-Retract card capacity: max. 30 cards (opt.)

-Anti-skimming design

-EMV Level 1 and Level 2 compliant

Contactless smart card reader (opt.)


Receipt printer:

-80mm 203DPI graphical thermal printer

-Capture and retract capability


Journal printer (opt.):

-High speed dot matrix journal printer

-Thermal printer


ADA Audio

-Compliant with ADA, high quality audio and/or headset jack


Check processor (opt.)

-Envelope depositing (opt.)


1D & 2D barcode scanner (opt.)

A4 Statement Printer (opt.)



UL291 Level 1 safe

CEN L Safe (opt.)

Electronic lock

Mechanical combination lock (opt.)

EMV Level 1 and Level 2 certified

DVR surveillance system (opt.)

Transaction image capture for surveillance (opt.)

PCI compliant EPP

Sonic alarm modules (opt.)



10.4’’ LCD service panel with touch screen (available on rear access model)

Front, rear and side access



Standard TCP-IP connection


Working Environment


-31 F (-35) to 122 F (50)

(for subzero temperature, optional hearing unit is required)

Relative humidity:

20% to 95% (40, non-condensing)


*The actual capacity is subject to the thickness and fitness of local currency.