GRG Empowers Wuhan-Guangzhou PDL

Dec 26 2009 Guangzhou, China-GRG announces its deployment of automatic ticket-vending machines (TVM) in the yearly eye-catching project-Wuhan-Guangzhou Passenger Dedicated Lines, by far the longest and fastest highway in the world. The 350-km-per-hour highway was inaugurated today and will be open to the public next month. The machines offer automatic ticket vending service, banknote or coin change and seat choosing service in 15 stations along the line.

GRG Banking has been continuing push for Automatic Fare Collection industry since 2006 following the lead of “Concentric Diversification” strategy. GRG Banking is the first approved TVM provider by Chinese Ministry of Railways. Its Gate products, automatic ticket-vending machines as well as add-value machines have been successfully installed in Beijing-Tianjin, Shi-Ta High speed Railway and Hu-Ning-Hang Railway, over 13 subways and 5 highways in major cities of China.

Highly automated and equipped with top class technology, Wuhan-Guangzhou City Highway solves the ubiquitous problem of queuing by applying GRG ticket-vending machines. The facility's convenience factor is well-suited to high ways’ customer experience. It can accept bank notes and coins and can give changes of bundle notes. It can also print magnetic ticket and enables multi-ticket dispensing and banknote retraction if untaken. A 21 inch touch screen not only enables high efficient transaction within 30 seconds but also allows the customer to choose a seat they favor.

With operating mileage up to 1068 km and a design speed capable of 350 km/h, Wuhan-Guangzhou PDL is the world’s fastest as well as the longest high-speed passenger railway. The full trip will now take only one third of the previous travel time. 15 mm subgrade settlement standard, AB-class soil 700 km of automatic snow melting device, top level power line and alloy wire of magnesium and copper increases the stability and the ability of anti-ice and snow.

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