Bank Audi Launches New Banking Service Jointly with GRGBanking and LEVANTNET

Bank Audi, the NO.1 Lebanese banking groups, launched the first intelligent bundle cash deposit service in Lebanon together with GRGBanking and LEVANTNET, which successfully simplifies in-branch processes through flexible, user-friendly services.


Bank Audi deployed GRGBanking intelligent deposit machine P2800L in the branch to optimize the efficiency and security. As the top 3 financial solution providers in the world, GRGBanking provided a comprehensive solution includes software and hardware jointly with LEVANTNET, allowing tellers to execute transactions and finalize the bulk deposit at end of day while the customers are able to deposit large amounts of cash conveniently without waiting at the counter.


Comprised of high speed, large capacity, banknote validation, sorting, and serial number tracking, P2800L can be applied in any scenario with big volume cash transactions in cooperation customers such as petrol station, shopping mall, bank branch, etc. More and more Bank Audis branch network in different Lebanese regions, and applications pertaining to companies and malls are being considered after successful POC and ROI.


GRGBanking has been consistently focus on AI+ solutions to innovate branch transformation. In the future, GRGBanking will continue assisting leading banks include Bank Audi to differentiate themselves with emphasis on frontier technologies and delivery compelling and enriched customer experience.