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China International Exhibition On Financial Banking Technology & Equipment(CIFTEE) has been taken place in Beijing Exhibition Center from 18th Sep to 21 Sep. Major financial institutions and solution/equipment providers have taken part, including Bank of China, China UnionPay, IBM, CISCO, NCR, Diebold, Wincor Nixdorf and GRG Banking,.


As one of biggest events over a year, GRG Banking has exhibited varied range of self-service equipments, as well as the new H series 2005. The practice for total solution FEEL can also be reviewed from exhibition.


On the evening of 18th Sep, GRG Banking held conference to celebrate the big success in foreign market over year 2005 and share the experience with all the partners.


From 9 countries, 15 enterprises and banks’ members attended the conference. It allowed people to get close look of the self-service equipment, including the detail features, full functions and the core structure. As the most important, the latest total solution FEEL has been formally introduced to the public in detail. FEEL can be described as following concepts:

  • CardElite - Card Management System

  • FEEL Switch - Financial Transaction Processing Switching System

  • FEEL-View - Self-service Terminal Monitoring System

  • FEEL Distribution - ATM Software Remote Distribution System

  • FEEL Advertising - Advertisement Releasing System

  • CATalyst - Self-Service Terminal Software Platform

The total solution has been successfully practiced in varied banks. GRG Banking will continue promoting the solution in the following year, and striving on the research and development, in order to be more supportive and specialized.