H22V Series ATM: the Latest Cash Dispenser that Firstly Unveiled


At Global Customer Exchange 2016 that co-hosted by GRG Banking and ATMIA in November 2016, over 400 visitors from 46 countries and regions were impressed by intelligent finance equipment and currency solutions of GRG Banking. On the Product Workshop with new models shown, there is a modern-look ATM standing out as one of the most eye-catching facilities ——  H22V Series ATM, the latest cash dispenser with a compact and spell able design that launched by GRG Banking. It was also the first public unveil of H22V series ATM, which attracted many attendees to walk closer and have a study on it.


“Before the public launch of H22V series ATM, we’ve adopted H22V series ATMs and cash dispensing core modules in a number of nations for pre-testing and joint debugging.” said Stella Fang, product manager of Marketing Dept., GRG Banking. “The H22V series are found very stable and reliable performance during testings. We also have received reservation purchase orders of H22V series and core components from Middle East and Asia Pacific.”


With flexible expansibility and smart configuration, H22V series are designed to bring down deployers' cost and enhance customer satisfaction. It can largely shift heavy counter transactions to self-service zone. There are five features of H22V Series ATM that make it an ideal solution:

n  Longer Uptime

It contains latest cash dispensing core module independently developed and manufactured by GRG Banking. With a large capacity of 14,000 notes, H22V series ensure longer uptime and less CIT visit.

n  Easier Deployment

The modern image and compact size turns it to an ideal choice for bank branches or off-premise locations.

n  Multi-functionality & Customization

GRG Banking provides modular design of various functionalities. It supports a broad range of services like bill payment, fund transfer, mobile phone payment, pre-paid card top-up, couponing and vouchers, etc. It would be your perfect fit for current market requirements.

n  Value-added services

H22V series can fulfill services in different deployment sites. There are 4 ways of camera reservation achieving secure and reliable transaction and for any future security upgrading. GRG Banking provides comprehensive software and security solution to achieve additional value of your ATM. There are optional biometric authentication available for multiple ID access.

n  Cost-effective maintenance

Inheriting outstanding and reliable performance of GRG Banking product, H22V series ATM share the same technical platform that established by GRG Banking, and enjoy meliorative mechanism that ensures better satisfaction.


H22V series offer stable operation and 24/7 availability for fast and easy withdrawal at high-volume transaction locations. In various ATM fleets, H22V series can adapt to a financial institutions’ solution to be part of its profitable business strategy.


Taken together, they perfectly position the H22V series to meet the diverse and dynamic market requirements. The continuous technological innovation of GRG Banking makes the H22V series unrivaled for maximum usability and availability in different scenarios.