GRGBanking was given the honor of National Manufacturing Model Champion


Recently, MIIT issued the list of the firstling of National Manufacturing Industry Model Champions, which including GRGBanking, the NO.1 enterprise in China ATM market for 8 consecutive years.


Industry experts point out that the releasement of the list is highly praise of the enterprises which focus on the innovation in segment. It also shows the determination for the government to encourage the manufacturing enterprises.


GRGBanking is a state-owned enterprise of Guangzhou, China. In fact, a number of Guangzhou state-owned enterprises in traditional industry have completed the “Innovation Gene” modification. These enterprises realize the post-transition accelerated development through the implements of the innovation-driven development.


The Guangzhou State-owned Industry Innovation Alliance (Hereafter refer to “GZ SOIIA”) and the State-owned Industry Innovation Investment Fund was officially inaugurated, which means Guangzhou state-owned enterprises have entered the era of cooperation and innovation with the institution of “Policy +Alliance+ Fund” strategy.


2.6 Billion Innovation Funds Available


During the inauguration of the Innovation Strategy Alliance and the Innovation Investment Fund, Mr. Jianjun Chou, the director of SASAC, said that state-owned enterprises should be in a leading position, as well as initiative and try to make a difference during the innovation-driven development. In order to realize the alliance on the levels of strategic cooperation, collaborative innovation, market development, globalization and other aspects between Guangzhou state-owned enterprises, the Innovation Strategy Alliance should not only be the service provider but also stick to the innovation need orientation. The Innovation Investment Fund should leverage the key projects and expedite the development of state-owned enterprises.


Our reporters learned that the Innovation Investment Funds in the initial stage has reached 2.61 billion yuan. Mr. Bo Zhang, the secretary of the Innovation Strategy Alliance, introduced that innovation is the common aspirations based on the research among over 10 state-owned enterprises. Supporting the establishment of the Innovation Strategy Alliance and the Innovation Investment Fund, most Guangzhou state-owned enterprises are trying to transform from traditional industries and conjure its rebirth by new capital and channels. For example, stimulating new economic vitality for enterprises by investing and incubating, or promoting full integration between state-owned enterprises facilitate the innovative synergy effect. 


More opportunities for state-owned enterprises


Guangzhou Radio Group, the parent company of the new national manufacturing model champion (GRGBanking), has actively participated in the establishment of the Innovation Strategy Alliance and the Innovation Investment Fund. “Devoting to making vertical integration of the whole cashing cycle and developing non-cash business, GRGBakning has built a ‘High-end Manufacture + Intelligent service + Innovation and development + capital operation’ platform.” said Mr. Mark Yip, the Managing Director of GRGBanking.


As one of the representatives of Guangdong advanced manufacturing enterprises, GRGBanking was listed in Guangdong enterprises top 500 and also crowned top 500 manufacturing enterprises of Guangdong in 2016.In July, MIIT issued the list of the firstling of Intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects. GRGBanking was named as Self-service financial equipment intelligent manufacturing experimental unit demonstration, which is the only listed enterprise in the industry.