GRGBanking’s Cash Processing Service Hitting Overseas Markets

September 22, 2016, GRG Banking and AETOS Corporate signed a co-operation agreement on the construction of Cash Processing Center project in Singapore. Mr. James Tan Chen, CEO of AETOS Corporate, Mr. Zhenguang Chen, Vice General Manager of GRG Banking and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.


     The signing ceremony (1)

The construction of Cash Processing Center includes Video Security Center, Cash management system software platform, Cash automatic processing equipment, Entry-and-out Warehouse Management, Operation flow design as well as product launch, etc. The successful signing of the Cash Processing Center solution which is supplied by GRG Banking marks its first step into overseas cash processing service.


AETOS Holdings, a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd, provides integrated and tailor-made solutions that cater to the security needs of a diverse clientele. The construction of Cash processing center is a key project for the development of AETOS financial services business. The project attracted a number of well-known cash solutions providers from Europe and the United States to get involved in competition. After undergoing more than 10 months of intense competition, GRG Banking won the bid with its advanced cash processing management concepts, rich experience in the field of financial self-service equipment manufacturing and cash management services. The customer is highly recognized for GRG Banking’s full range of cash processing solutions.


As the first cash processing project in Singapore, it will help GRG to gain more experience in the implementation of cash processing services and to expand business in overseas market.


     The signing ceremony (2)