New 50 Euro Banknote Adopted by GRGBanking Equipments

June 15, 2016, Mr. Andrew Volkov, the Regional Sales Director of GRGBanking signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on behalf of GRGBanking, adapting banknote equipments to the new 50 Euro banknote.


The new 50 Euro Partnership Programme “Let’s join forces” was organized by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the national central banks of the Eurosystem. It is aimed to help equipment manufacturers and suppliers, as well as their clients and users to get ready for introduction of the new Europa series banknotes.


GRGBanking's MoU signing has assured our power and capacity to provide timely assistance in adapting banknote self-service machines, like cash recycler H68N/L and GRGBanking’s cash sorting machine series. We aim to have all self-service machines and devices be ready to accept the new 50 Euro banknote before it is issued on April 2017, by which the ECB and the central banks of the euro area countries (Eurosystem) will start introducing the new 50 Euro banknote. Furthermore, in the nearest future we will make every effort to realize the recognition of new 50 Euro banknote on each GRGBanking equipments, with the view of meeting the demand of Europe ATM market. And we will work closely with all interested parties to share the information and experience and to accomplish task more efficiently.


GRGBanking's MoU signing also will have a positive impact in the upgrading and optimizing of machines in both GRGBanking and self-service market of Europe.