China ATM Market in 2015 - GRGBanking has been Ranking NO.1 for 8 Consecutive Ye

By the end of 2015, there are 866,700 units of ATM online in China with an increasing rate of 40.95% of 2014, according to “The Overall Situation of the Payment System in 2015", releasing by the People's Bank of China.


From the year of 2008, GRGBanking has been the NO.1 currency recognition and cash processing equipment manufacturer, taking the lead for 8 continuous years in China, according to the data from authorized research institutions.


*The above data from authorized research institutions.

According to industrial statistics in 2015, China ATM market has grown rapidly. The top-5 self-service equipment supplier are GRGBanking, Hitachi, Cashway, King Teller and Yihua. From the sales volume, we can see that Chinese brands have a stable market performance due to strong R&D strength and advanced technology. In the meantime, the top vendors from Japan and Europe are losing their market share.


*The above data from Financial News.


GRGBanking Exceed Japanese Brand and Become the Largest Recycler Supplier in China


According to the procurement data from top-5 banks in China, GRGBanking has shipped 21,460 units of recycler to the domestic market, ranking NO.1 in 2015, and Hitachi, has shipped 17,913 units and ranked the second. This is the first time that domestic manufacturer exceeded Japanese brand and became the largest cash recycler supplier in China. In addition, King Teller, Cashway and Eastcom have also risen prominently. With cutting-edge technology, Chinese domestic manufacturers are playing a more and more important role in China recycler market.


*Above: China CRS market in 2015


Fast-developing Financial Service Market in China


In 2015, China’s ATM market competition is fierce. China has become the largest market for payment card and ATM in the world since 2013. To win consumers that still are unbanked, banks are expanding more innovative channels to broaden their business. With the widespread popularity of VTM (Video Teller Machine) and STM (Smart Teller Machine), as well as new technologies such as biometrics, financial big data and cloud computing, China ATM industry will be a still promising industry with great profit.