GRGBanking Won the WIPO-SIPO Award for Chinese Outstanding Industrial Design


Ding Yingfeng, the deputy chief engineer of GRGBanking accepts the award. (The person on the far right)

The 17th WIPO-SIPO Award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Innovation & Industrial Design was announced on December 15, 2015. With the joint efforts of all parties, 20 China Patent Golden Awards, 5 China Golden Design Awards were awarded. GRGBanking is a high-tech enterprise of Guangzhou Radio Group, it has received a China Golden Design Award with "Smart Teller Machine (A009)" patent. Since the design awards have been added to the 12th China Patent Awards, this is the first time an enterprise of Guangzhou City won a Golden Design Award. And Haige Communications, another enterprise of Guangzhou Radio Group won China Design Excellence Award with "Automatic Antenna Tuner" patent.

GRG’s "Smart Teller Machine (A-009)" is an intelligent bank counter that integrates multiple bank counter business. The patent is designed based on customer operating habits and ergonomics, each business module is integrated in the best range of human computer interaction. At the same time, to ensure that the customer's best visual range can be accurately projected onto the terminal operating screen and business modules for getting a better application experience. The terminal also applies more favorable electrical properties of new materials and the latest technology, which solve the problem of fingerprint residue and improve the stability of the material.

Guangzhou Radio Group attaches great importance to intellectual property rights. In recent years, GRG has introduced a number of measures and regulations to improve intellectual property management system, and set up a special "Intellectual Property Management Award" to promote the project of enterprise intellectual property to a new level.

On one hand, the number of patent applications and parent authorization of GRG continues to grow; The Guangzhou Radio Group has applied 1538 patents, including 989 invention patents, 271 utility model patents, 278 design patents; and Guangzhou Radio Group obtained 751 patent licenses, including 257 invention patents, 247 utility model patents, 247 design patents.

On the other hand, the quality of GRG’s patents are well recognized by the market. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, Guangzhou Radio Group has awarded 15 intellectual property incentives, including 5 China patent awards (including 1 golden award), 3 provincial patent awards (including 1 golden award), 7 municipal patent awards.

In addition, Guangzhou Radio Group’s overseas patent applications have made a great success. In recent years, GRGBanking obtains patents in international markets, which represents that Chinese ATM enterprises have made a great breakthrough in the high-end market of Western in intellectual property rights.


The award-winning patented products of GRG-"Smart Teller Machine (A009)".