Asia TV interviews Mike Lee: China to be the No.1 ATM market is just the beginni

Recently, Asia TV program Jun Qing Finance has reported GRGBanking’s 10th Global Customer Exchange, interviewed Mike Lee, the CEO of ATM Industry Association discussing the future banking trend in the world.  

ATV program Jun Qing Finance interviews Mike Lee during the 10th GCE


During the interview, Mike Lee responded to the question of Will Bank Branch Die, he said:”At the moment there are 1.1 million branches in the world, I personally think that bank branches will not die, but banks have to reinvent their bank branch for digital age and need to have omni-channel banking solution to create a warm experience for customers. Therefore we can look ahead to ten golden years in financial services and banking industry.” 


Mike Lee added:” As the head of a global organization, I think the ATM industry is a global village, wherever you use an ATM in Beijing, New York or London, it’s the same technology, and that’s actually a strength of the industry, bank customers can go anywhere in the world and they see a trusted device, which they can get the same reliable services. China is the world’s biggest ATM market with 650 thousand installations, that is an incredible progress, and it’s not yet finished, there are still a lot more to come as a beginning.”