GRG Donates Video Messengers to “Left-behind Children”


November 21, GRG co-operated with China's Social Welfare Foundation "Free Lunch Fund” in Hefeng County, Hubei Province, donating the first batch of “I Miss Mom" video messengers and supplies for the "left-behind" children of poverty in western Hubei Province.


The "left-behind" children refer to those whose parent(s) are working in cities, and leaving their own children stay in the rural life. They generally live with father or mother, older generations, or even other relatives or parents’ friends. In September 2012, the Ministry of Education announced over 22 million children aging 6 to 14 are “left-behind”.


In those poverty-stricken areas of underdeveloped communication infrastructures, "left-behind" children and migrant workers need tools for maintaining family’s ties by communication with their parents. Manufacturer of “I Miss Mom" video messenger developed a dedicated website, caching information of video, audio, images, and other material between the messenger machines, with cell phone numbers to log on the website to watch real-time and download video clips . At present, the first batch of donated video machine from GRG is distributed in six primary school in Hefeng County.


“Poverty relief should not only to improve the conditions materially for the children in mountain area, but also to send them emotional caring. GRG’s “I Miss Mom" video messengers build an emotional communication bridge between the left-behind children and their parents, which is good for their healthy growth, "said Deng Fei, the promoter of the "Free Lunch Fund”.

Managing Director of GRGBanking Mark Yip said, "let charity become an attitude on behalf of  actively, optimistic and positive energy to send more warmth to the children left behind, and it requires the joint participation of more companies and individuals in the society."

News Media Contact: Benny Huang

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