[Announcement] GRG-HK Mainland China Office to Close from Jun 22 to 24 for Drago

In accordance with the document of the State Council with regards to the holiday for Dragon Boat Festival, starting from Jun 22 to 24, we will not be able to respond to your enquiry promptly during this period.

Should you have any urgent issue, please contact your account manager or our regional office. 

Asia Pacific region:

Gary Soon (gary.soon@grgbanking.com Tel: +852 2405 5611)

Africa region:

Christopher Holroyd (christopher.holroyd@grgbanking.com Tel: +44 7768392801)

Europe region:

Pranas Griskevicius (pranas.g@grgbanking.com Tel: +370 5 2030099)

America region:

Michael Gericks (michael.gericks@grgbanking.com Tel: +52 55 46095045)

For software and solution issues, please contact us on +86 139 2416 1603 or via email at solution@grgbanking.com

For OEM sales issues, please contact us on +86 138 2440 5009 or via email at oem@grgbanking.com


For technical issues, please contact us on +86 137 1080 4399 or via email at tech_support@grgbanking.com


Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your continuous support.