1st GRGBanking ATM in Sri Lanka Put Online

First GRG ATM H22N put online in a branch of Commercial Bank of Ceylon

The first GRG ATM was put online on February 2012 for Commercial Bank of Ceylon, the “Best Bank” in Sri Lanka, called by Global Finance magazine. The ATM, H22N, a new generation versatile Cash Dispenser, was installed and connected to the bank’s switch successfully by GRG’s local partner Ceylon Business Appliances (Pvt) Ltd after a 3-month pilot since October 2011.

The ergonomic and innovative design of H22N as well as extendable features such as bundle cash dispensing, bill payment, fund transfer and prepaid card top-up help increase customer satisfaction and revenue. The latest knowhow such as fingerprint identification, contactless RF card reader can be easily applied with built-in models.

The ATM network of the Commercial Bank of Ceylon has connected its milestone 500th terminal on January 2012, further consolidating its status as the largest electronic cash dispensing system owned by a single bank in Sri Lanka.

Ranjeewa Dias, Business Development Manager of Ceylon Business Appliances Pvt Ltd said,

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank GRG for all the assistance and support during the implementation and testing of GRG ATMs, with hope of a clear and bright future with GRGbanking and other banks in Sri Lanka.”

GRGBanking, a leading provider of currency recognition and cash processing solutions in the global market, will support the bank in its fast expansion on self-service delivery channels, and will supply cash dispenser and sorting machine in the future.

Commercial Bank of Ceylon celebrating 500th ATM Online

Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC is one of the leading commercial banks in Sri Lanka with a subsidiary in Bangladesh. It has been rated as the Best Bank in Sri Lanka by "Global Finance" magazine for the 13th consecutive year, which “reflects the bank’s success in an important aspect -- in adapting to changes in the financial world while meeting financial needs of consumers and businesses”, the Bank’s Managing Director Amitha Gooneratne said.

Ceylon Business Appliances (Pvt) Ltd, is one key player in the office automation, card solutions and Stationery business in Sri Lanka. The company is also well known in Sri Lanka especially in the high-value Banking sector.