GRGBanking’s ATM Installed in CEC Bank, Romania, Europe

GRGBanking gets the first ATM installed and online in CEC Bank. It is the first ATM of GRGBanking installed in Romania. GRGBanking was awarded a batch order contract of Through-The-Wall (TTW) Notes Dispenser H22N a few months ago. The project is the first co-operation between the company and CEC Bank. The latter is the major of the two state-owned banks in Romania.


GRGBanking submitted a well-prepared proposal to the bank in December, 2010. Besides big ATM manufacturers, other medium competitors are also interested on this tender, treating as an important opportunity. In partnership with Romanian partner ServuS, the company made it through the tests and pilot. In February, 2011, GRGBanking receives the confirmation of winning tender from the bank.


Founded in 1865, CEC Bank is one of the top six in Romania and is state-owned. The bank focuses mainly on financing SMEs agriculture, public administration, as well as those banking projects that contribute to the economic development, generate and maintain the jobs number. It has more than 1,300 branches and agencies and to date a network of more than 900 ATM.


GRGBanking starts co-operation with its local partner ServuS in Romania since 2010. ServuS Romania is a partner and exclusive distributor of many internationally recognized banking equipment manufacturers.


The delivery of ATM for CEC Bank has been completed in July. After installation, GRGBanking’s ATM will take about 10% of the bank’s ATM network. With this impetus, GRGBanking is developing Romania market and expanding business network fastly and steadily in Europe.