GRGBanking listed in “100 most innovative companies of Guangdong for 2010”

GRGBanking is recognized as “100 most innovative companies of Guangdong for 2010”, ranked No.9 on the list announced by Guangdong Science and Technology Department.

As a leading ATM and AFC manufacturer with great potentials in China, GRG Banking has invested heavily in technology R&D and has world-leading R&D facilities and capabilities. A number of technologies developed independently by the company have filled the technical blank in China, which successfully leads China’s currency recognition and dispensing technologies to world advanced level with great contributions to localization of China’s financial self-service equipment and AFC equipment. Until July 2010, GRGBanking has applied for 148 patents and own core technologies in fields like encryption, printing, communication, optical-mechanical-electronic control and contacted/contactless IC card reading/writing applications. Beside, the company also has 32 registered copyrights certificates of computer software and 17 registered certificates of computer software products. Many of these technology achievements have greatly improved the quality and security level of the whole ATM industry.

About the” 100 most innovative companies of Guangdong” Awards

The prestigious “Top 100 innovative companies of Guangdong” awards is sponsored by the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong provincial government, which is mainly responsible to carry out the national and provincial guidelines, policies as well as laws and regulations of science and technology. The organizer hopes to push forward core competitiveness of the industries in Guangdong province, by annually selecting 100 companies which own intellectual property and continuous innovation ability as models of technologies innovation.