GRG Banking and Microsoft launched joint Lab

GRG Banking and Microsoft held a ceremony to unveil the Joint Development Laboratory which is located in the GRG industry park, Guangzhou, China. Pascal Martin, general manager of Windows Embedded product from Microsoft and Li Yedong, deputy general manager of GRG Banking attended the launching ceremony.


The new Lab will work on developing a customized operating system for ATMs, in answer to the banking sector’s need of an easy to use, secure and stable operating system. The new operating system dedicated to ATMs, will be based on Windows Embedded Standard 2009. The advantages of original Windows XP system will remain in the new system while many functions will be optimized, so that the security, stability and usability will be significantly enhanced.


With the increasing number of deployed ATMs in the past few years, the management of ATMs has become an important issue for the banking industry. In current market situation, numerous different editions of operating system are in use for ATMs and sometimes they are incompatible with each other. This results in much inconvenience for the management and maintenance of ATMs. In this context, a customized operating system for ATMs is urgently needed.


As the largest ATM provider in China, GRG Banking has an abundant experience in ATM manufacturing and management. By setting up the Joint Development Laboratory, both companies hope to benefit from each other’s strength and experience in its own field, so as to provide better products and service to the banking industry.