Intelligent Frontier Defense Management and Control System

Project Introduction

With the rapid development of modern society, China's international ties have significantly improved, and the number of people entering and leaving the country has increased substantially. The use of similar appearances to deliberately use other people's entry and exit documents for smuggling accounts is becoming a trend, which has led to a crack down on illegal immigration for other people's entry and exit documents. In recent years, the social crime rate has been increasing year by year. High-tech crimes have emerged in an endless stream, and the sudden and uncertain nature of criminal behavior has increased, which has brought great difficulties towards prevention and detection. At the same time, the operations for border defense is sometimes done remotely where ethnic customs are different, activities are complex, and the geographical jurisdiction is severe. It is difficult for existing means and border defense forces to meet all coverage requirements.
Video-based smart application technology has made rapid progress in recent years, and its importance in the security field is becoming more and more obvious. In the intelligent application system, face recognition technology plays an important role in daily work, solves the problem of excessive human participation, improves work efficiency and generates effectiveness through intelligent analysis, which further lays a solid foundation for intelligent management and control.

Construction Plan

The video transmission network is divided into an external network and a video private network. The video private network is equipped with intelligent video research and early warning equipment, back-end comparison services, management services, and scheduling services.

- Intelligent video research and early warning machines

Intelligent video research and early warning machines are based on fixed points and important locations where front-end comparisons can be conducted that includes complete facial image acquisition, image comparison, and threat indicators.

Back-end comparison service

Back-end comparison service is mainly used in remote areas for monitoring equipment without network conditions. By mounting image acquisition devices, captured images are transmitted to the background through 3G and wireless network modules for comparison. The comparison cluster can process multiple avenues at once, has high and real-time performance, and supports many calculations and comparisons.

High-altitude remote monitoring

High-altitude remote monitoring is used for systems that adopt video analysis algorithm that can detect complex environment shifting through multi-targeted tracking technology, which can simultaneously lock multiple moving targets within the surveillance range of the panoramic surveillance camera. The system can automatically track and zoom in for clearer target features.

Management services

Management services can provide data uplink and downlink channels, data association and alarm linkage as an early detection center, which supports remote configuration and control.

Scheduling services

Scheduling services solve the concurrent processing of different data picture sources, manage the scheduling and task distribution of the back-end comparison for multiple events.

Messaging Terminal

Messaging Terminal pushes information through supported SMS, MMS, Wechat, and other communication platforms.

HD cameras (Wi-Fi hotspot capturing)

The HD camera has a Wi-Fi hotspot capturing function to ensure that the video is captured in real time, and mobile phones can collect video footage wherever there is a mobile signal within range.

Non-contact ID card collection

Non-contact ID card collection can automatically, without direct contact, collect the ID card information of personnel passing through the secured doors.

In the external network environment, the video equipment has a 3/4G network module, which is transmitted through the Internet and enters the video private network through a firewall and a gatekeeper (boundary).