Intelligent Transportation System

-- Communication Video Exchange Platform, Station Hub and Key Area Monitoring System


The construction content of the intelligent transportation system project contains: “one platform embedded with five systems”. The overall scheme is based on modern sensing, communication, control, information and computer technology. It also has a multi-level compliance with monitoring, management, regulation and services, which features urban intelligent transportation systems.

It mainly integrates traffic management and traffic industry data collection methods, which covers highways, urban expressways, major transportation hubs, airports, major transportation infrastructures, and comprehensively grasps the state of urban traffic operations. It is a typical implementation case of our X-Sight network management platform in urban traffic management.


Construction plan

Construct a video network monitoring system for the transportation industry, and gather videos of various transportation industry hubs, nodes and roads to realize real-time video monitoring that includes calling and video analysis.

The communication committee can recall video images and analyze any situation with their sister partners.

Intelligent video analysis system of vehicle queueing lengths can be applied at the exit of expressway toll stations, realizing real-time monitoring for queueing times to analyze emergency responses.

Complete the data and system integration work of the overall project of the intelligent transportation system.


Video Networking Platform Construction

The monitoring center deploys a set of X-Sight network management platforms, including video forwarding, digital video management, index scheduling units, data management platforms, GIS map service unit servers, and alarms. It implements functions such as device access, user rights, video forwarding, video storage, video quality diagnosis, and operation maintenance management for traffic monitoring videos.


Transportation Management Committee Video Exchanging Platform

The main equipment of the video exchange platform includes matrix integrated platforms, video streaming servers, digital matrix servers, disk arrays, optical transceivers, network management servers, video networking management servers, and video compression.
The SD video platform is connected to the HD video integrated platform’s input interface through the analog output port, and the SD output platform is connected to the HD video integrated platform analog input. The video integrated platform can enlarge the SD video platform. This display is projected onto a wall or transmitted to the traffic police and other brother units via optical transceivers.


Intelligent Analysis System for Expressway Toll Station Exits

The system installs a scene monitoring camera on the road surface that needs to be monitored and provides real-time traffic scenarios for intelligent visual analysis: including passenger flow statistics, traffic statistics, service window times for warnings, crossings warnings (a virtual fence), regional traffic behaviors, road traffic congestion, slow-moving vehicles, and other transportation analysis measures.