Intelligent Tourism Solution

The GRGBanking Tianma Platform is a multi-scenario comprehensive platform integrating tourism, science and technology venues, cultural performances, urban passenger transport and hotel/leisure based on the “One Management, Whole Network Distribution” model.It provides merchants with non-traditional business models, e-commerce solutions, combines offline to online consumption, uses the platform to become active marketing, combines Internet distribution and self-media e-commerce. The above-mentioned various scenarios meet the standards for high-traffic platforms such as mobile terminals, Internet distribution terminals, and OTAs, and forms a closed loop of e-commerce consumption. At the same time, it conducts big data mining for industry customers, accumulates consumption data for user portraits, user analysis, big data marketing, and distributes the broadcasting of entertainment industries.

Functional Feature

Internet Distribution, Official Website for Direct Sales, Channel Management, Intelligent Terminal, Big Data Decision Analysis, Mobile Ticket Purchase, Automatic Account Settlement, Ticket Scan QR Code Pick-Up.


Multi-scenario application

Unified management and distribution


System Structure Design

The broadcasting and television Tianma platform is developed by HTML5 technology. The system can run on various operating system platforms such as Linux and Windows. At the same time, it adopts multi-layer service architecture design, which fundamentally guarantees the robustness and scalability of the system and creates modular management and easy access modes.


Intelligent Terminal

Biometric identification, multiple methods to purchase tickets, entry through QR code scanning, big data collection, 42” large screen.