Wechat Bank

—— To build exclusive Wechat bank on Wechat public platform

In 2012, Wechat, the most popular mobile instant messaging app in Asia, lauched the Wechat Public plaform. The platform is a social marketing platform that allows govenments, companies, organizations etc to share and market products, ideas, views to concerned group rather than individual users. Following Wechat opened the Wechat Public plaform developer API, third parties are allowed to develop their respective Wechat service platform to enable more advanced functions. Under the above underground, Wechat Public plaform has nowadays become an important front where many banks compete on mobile financial service. Wechat Bank is a Software Development Platform product luanched by GRGBanking specially for banks to build their respective Wechat public service platforms which integrating financial services, marketing and internal operation management.



Wechat Bank help banks to realize rich set of funtions on Wechat public platform based on the Wechat official account types (either a

service account or a enterprise account which can be registered via Wechat service website of an account admin platform). Wechat

Bank supports a wide range of functions according to customer's requirement

1) Service Account

Wechat Bank helps banks to efficiently create and manage their respective Wechat Bank applications on Wechat platform. The rich set of functions covers E-banking, information inquiry, consult, marketing and promotion, etc. can greatly facilitate customers in business processing, enable customers to handle its consumption, investment, financing, payment and information acquiring through their intelligent mobiles.

2) Enterprise Account

Wechat Bank helps banks to fast build a mobile office platform based on wechat enterprise account with low-cost and fast efficiency, transform banks' production, management, cooperation and operation processes to mobile. As a tool for transforming IT systems to mobile, Wechat Bank realizes the integration with various bank business and operation systems.

Wechat Bank