Omni-Channel Platform

—— Reinvent banking with omni-channel experience

As the faster pace of Branch Transformation in recent years , banks have been adopting a variety of self-service terminals taking place of traditional business channels, meanwhile creating many other new business channels, to alleviate workload of their staffs in traditional business, shift them into new business expansion and attract more customers. However, due to the absence of connectivity and consistency among numerous business channels, banking business efficiency and customer e xperience are still not maximized. GRG Omni-Channel platform provides a universal platform to realize the consistency of message or seamless connectivity among customers’ different business channels , ensure customers receive the same experience and message through different channels and terminals involved within their interactions with the bank.



1) Universal Peripheral Channel Technical Platform

•All channels share common interface

•Universal peripheral channel management

•Easy bank internal business expansion

2) Universal pre-console Channel

•All channel share common transaction interface

•Easy bank internal business expansion

•Data can be shared by multiple channels

•Realize interaction between online and offline channels

•Thoroughly release resources in counter channel

Omni-Channel Platform