—— Intelligent internet queuing system

GRG researched and developed a new generatio of intelligent Internet queuing system based on mobile Internet , cloud computing and big d ata technology. We provides a one-stop queuing system solution or the government, banks, hospitals, restaurants and hotels with powerful functions and perfect user experience.



1) Intelligent queuing in the Internet age

Queuing service is available through smartphone APP, WhatsApp, telephone, website and in telligent queuing devices. Everyone can enjoy the convenience of intelligent queuing system.

2) Not only queuing, but also big data marketing

Record customer's information queuing tie and service appraisal. Through big data mining and machine learning technology, it helps to find secondary sales opportunitis.

3) Information sharing, data analysis

Users  can  search  queuing  information for nearby sites and TOP5 sites with shortest queues in order to schedule their tim reasonably. 

Statitics of average processing time, average peak processing time in order for site selection, performance evaluation

4) Open platform, innovation unlimited

With open APIs, it is easy to integrate with customers' existing systems and launch new products and services which makes the queuing system full of infinite possibilities

5) High-tech and reliability

Over 1,000 R&D engineers , over 1,600 patents , R&D experience for more than 60 years, various customers of banks, metros and military departments.