FEEL Switch

—— ATM and Multi-institutional Switch System

FEEL Switch ATM Switching is a lightweight EFT switching system . It is an ideal solution for small and medium sized banks , especially in fast growing phases. In addition to the basic EFT functions, the s ystem includes pre-build modules like e-Payment middleware and sales/vending module which enables ATM deployers to highly differentiate themselves from their competitors and quickly deploy both banking and utility payment transactions in their ATM networks.



1) Supports multiple types of ATMs such as Retail ATM, VTM, STM, Cash Dispenser, BNA , Cash Recycler, etc. 

2) Fully compatible with all the world-class host systems using ISO-8583(1987/1993)  connection protocol.

3) Pre-build monitoring function for ATM devices, transactions, system event, etc.

4) Innovation applications and service modes.

5) Fast  startup  of  banking  services  and  payment transactions on ATM network.

6) Supports both ISO-8583 and NDC/NDC+ terminals.

7) Pre-build ePayment middleware and sales/vending module

8) PA-DAA certification

9)Low  cost  opti on  for  new  set  up  ATM  networks

Successful Cases

With over 10 years practice, FEEL Switch has been deployed by over 90 customers worldwide

FEEL Switch