FEEL Reconciliation

—— Reinvent balancing of your ATM cash and transactions

As the volume of ATM increases, timely and accurate validation of transactions become more costly and error prone, introducing operational risk to an organization . ATM reconciliation automation and timely identification of transaction exceptions become vital for risk management and operational cost reduction. GRGBanking FEEL Reconciliation software can help to validate cash balance, ensure ATM transactions and cash replenishment are accurately represented in the bank's accounts, and quickly identify transaction exceptions to effectively manage disputes which usually cause consumer dissatisfaction. 



1) Increased productivity : reduction of manual data  gathering and matching allow resources to be re-focused on other critical tasks such as managing exceptions or dispute handling

2) Reduced operational risk: higher  accuracy of the automation process allows for the expansion of your ATM network without having to invest in large back-office support team

3) Shortened response time: Quicker dispute resolution brings a better consumer experience, increased consumer loyalty and retention

4) Detailed logging: tracking and reporting help support auditing and banking regulation compliance

FEEL Reconciliation