FEEL Video

—— Connecting your world visually with video solution

As the ever-growing remote communications, collaboration and service in business and daily life, a significant question arise  as to how technology can help people t o develop a familiar, confidential and comfortable communications tyle, to maximize the productivity, optimize the collaboration and deliver a more personalmcustomer experience . GRGBanking FEEL Video solution provides a comprehensive, integrated IP communications system of voice, video and data to enable the network to be an intelligent platform for effective, collaborative, scalable, and secure communications, help our cus tomers to develop their new communication s tyle in different industries such as financial services, healthcare, education,  government and retail, etc. industries such as financial se rvices, he althcare, e ducation, g overnment and r etail, e tc.



1) Wide applicability: Taking advantage of partner video endpoints and bridges , FEEL video applications meet the needs in different industry such as financial services, healthcare, education, government and Retail. 

2) Multiple functionality: Supporting 2-way, multi-way video call, intelligent queueing and routing, image capture, video and audio record, video merge, file sharing , Co-browser, remote control during a conversation, etc. High performance reliability : Support stable 720P and 1080P video communication, require less investment and less consumption of resources

3) Reliable data security: powerful security protocol and encryption mechanism ensure the data security during both the data storage and transmission

4) Excellent scalability: Multi-platform supported including Windows, Android and IOS. Open AP I enables easy integration with customers’ application.

FEEL Video