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GEP is a comprehensive terminal security system to secure your process, files, register and other system resources from attacking. With process control and medium access authorization, GEP is capable to protect systems from internet malware and during the outward interface transmission.



● Read/Write protection for vital file, folder and registry

● Firewall and anti-virus protection from Trojans and Worms based on white list technology

● Protect terminals from Zero-day attack, buffer overflow, malware

● USB access read and write authentication control

● ID and data replication authentication password protect

● Multi-vendor support, compatible with the current major ATM vendor

● Compliant with PCI DSS


Successful Cases

GEP has been successfully protecting more than 28,000 multi-vendor ATMs from the attack of malware, access storage, medias like USB key and unauthorized access in China (Bank of China, China Guangfa Bank, Xinjiang Rural Credit Cooperative, Huarong Xiangjiang Bank etc.), USA and Vietnam. It has been proven to be effective to enhance the security of the ATM terminal, network and minimize resource investment for the customers.