EMVKernel Solution
- Shorten your chip card migration timeline

Support multiple operating systems

Flexible configuration capability

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GRG EMVKernel is a core software product based on the EMV Contact and Contactless specifications, totally developed by GRG core R&D group , it can allows terminal software manufacturers to quick access, bypass the technical complexity and certificate requirements and reduce the development of software vendors and certification work. It can be adapted to all terminals, such as ATM, CRS, VTM, TVM, and support Windows, Linux, Android operating system.



Support multiple operating systems

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Linux, Android, iOS.


Support multiple vendors

Diebold, Hitachi, OKI, Yihua, KingTeller, Cashway etc.


Support multiple type terminals

ATM, CRS, VTM, STM, POS, mPOS, mobile phone, tablet.


Flexible configuration capability

Data authentication method (SDA, DDA or CD A), terminal capability etc. reconfigurable according different application scenarios.


Specification Compliance

Comply with latest EMV4.3 specification and some localization certification standard, such as PBOC in China, NSICCS in Indonesia, MCCS in Malaysia, FISC in Taiwan etc.


Card Organization Access

Pass the access tests of VISA, Master card organization, can access these types of cards.