Active XFS Middleware
ActiveX control based on XFS

Flexible and expandable user interface

Reduce the applications' development time

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Nowadays, Multi-vendor application based on XFS standard is more and more popular in all over the world, but XFS interface is C++ language programing and XFS API is more difficult to understand, to solve these situations, GRG has researched a suite of ActiveXFS control, which use COM technology and support multi-language's call, that is, C+ +, V B, Java script all can call the control's API, which can present the customers a flexible and expandable user interface. GRG ActiveXFS middleware can reduce the applications' development time.



Supported device types

Card Reader/ Cash Dispenser / Cash Acceptor / Journal Printer / Receipt Printer / Pin Pad / Barcode Reader / Card Reader Dispenser/ Vendor Dependent Mode / Video / Feed Channel / Passbook Printer / Finger Scan / Camera / Check


Support Multi-language programing

Support C++/VB/ Java script /C# etc. call


Successful Cases

More than 50,000 self-service terminals have been deployed by GRG ActiveXFS Control, Vendors including GRG/NCR/Diebold/Wincor/Hitachi/Yihua/KingTeller etc., machine types include ATM/CRS/VTM/Kiosk/STM etc.