Ticket Vending Machine(New TVM for HK LRT)

High speed banknote dispensing

1 module integrating with 2 functions

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MTR Corporation is committed to improve current station level equipment to provide better user experience to HK citizen.

From the third quarter of 2014, most LRT stations will be rebuilt. The project includes rebuilding platform roof and fences and broadening aisles, which aims at increasing platform space and decentralizing passenger flow.

From the last quarter of 2014, LRT stations will be installed with new TVMs, which integrate the functions of SJT vending and Octopus reloading. GRG Banking, as TVM supplier for HK LRT rebuilding project, presents powerful strengths of research and development and industrial design and manufacture.

This project will be completed in the end of 2015. Then, the number of LRT stations offering Octopus reloading service can be added from 49 (now) to over 150, which will surely bring more convenience.



l  Accept up to 100 denominations of banknotes through SW upgrading

l  High speed banknote dispensing

l  Support 5 denominations of coins for recycling change giving

l  1 module integrating with 2 functions

l  27“large-size LCD and touch screen, LED provide clear information and instructions to passenger, which increase ticket purchasing speed

l  Special design for the handicapped: buttons at lower position for wheelchair user, Braille label and keypad, and audio instruction for the blind, induction loop for the hearing impaired

l  Compact structure to save station space

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