SJT handling

Printing & vending paper ticket(magnetic/2D barcode)

SVT handling

Adding value to store value ticket

SVT complies with ISO 14443

Cash handling

Payment: Banknote & bankcard

Giving change: Banknote & coin

Original cash returning once transaction is cancelled

ID card (CSC) reading

Binding ticket with personal identity.

Receipt printing

Passport reading

2D barcode scanning


- Size:850mm(W)×900mm(D)×1830mm(H)

- LCD & touch screen:19”

- Ticket roll:1000 tickets

- Banknote escrow : 20 notes×1

- Banknote vault:1000 notes×1

- Banknote cassette:3000 notes×3

- Coin change hopper:1000 coins×2

- Coin vault:2000 coins

- Working environment:

0~45℃ 20%~95% RH(non-condensing)

- Power : ≤600W


Application (Partial):

China railway of high speed

Beijing-Tianjin, Shanghai-Nanjing



Harbin-Dalian, Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan