Congratulations!GRG Banking’s Industrial Park Roof-Sealing Ceremony

Am.10:30 on Jan.22nd, 2008, GRG Banking held its 30, 000th ATM Rollout and Industrial Park Roof-Sealing Ceremony successfully. With the expansion of production scale, GRG has heavily invested

on its Industrial Park, a new production base, will be put into use in the second half of 2008.


“The Industrial park is expected to become the leading ATM production base in the world”, said Mark Yip, GRG's General Manager on the Ceremony, “and GRG Banking is constantly innovating banking self-service channel and providing high-quality financial services for global cardholder at any time.”


As an influential brand of the industry, GRG Banking’s business has developed rapidly in both domestic and overseas markets since 1989, which has covered 46 countries and regions so far.