GRG Banking Hosts AFC Seminar

 Zeng Wen, Vice GM of GRG, making address in AFC

GRG Banking-Guangzhou, China, held a successful Chinese National City Track and Traffic AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) Technology Seminar and Show on AFC products in Guangzhou during Sept.19th-20th, 2007.  GRG Banking is famous for its well-functioned ATM and relative financial software systems in recent years. And it chose AFC as its new strategic field in 2005 and till 2007, it has launched over 5 major models of TVMs.


China government made a new regulation in 2003 allowing many cities to establish track traffic such as subway, which causes subway is booming in many cities in China, so it is inevitable that AFC industry gets media’s focus and many enterprises’ new strategic field recent years.


GRG Banking hosts this AFC Seminar in Guangzhou successfully firstly with a warming address by Zeng Wen, vice General Manger, introducing GRG Banking’s competitive technology in AFC, which is based on its so-many-year-experience in ATM, of course. Also, Zeng released that GRG Banking has been the supplier for seven lines of subway in China main cities such as Beijing, Guagnzhou, etc. And in the AFC public bidding in 2006, GRG Banking won the award for most TVM (Ticket Vendoring Machine) selling.


Also in this Seminar, GRG Banking showcased its flagship AFC equipments, such as M810, M820B, BA-15, CDM6240, which got focus from all the visitors and media. The stream-line appearance, easy-operated function, and smart features, are telling that GRG has made itself a good post child in this industry.


 AFC Forum Opening Ceremony

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 Limelight given to GRG TVM

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 Expertise Speech

 No.4 Line of Guangzhou Metro

 GRG Banking's TVM Workshop