Vietnamese bank orders 300 more GRG Banking ATMs

Dong A Commercial Bank, one of the leading commercial banks in Vietnam has signed a contract with GRG Banking in China for the order of 300units ATMs on its celebration of 15th anniversary and official release of new logo as well as English appreciation.

According to a news release, this order will take DAB installed base of GRG Banking ATMs to more than 1000units. The new batch order is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

GRG Banking is emphasizing its servicing capabilities in Vietnam and across the world. Accompanying the setup of the GRG representative office in Vietnam, GRG Banking focuses its attention on customer retention as well as customer acquisition by heavily investing on the local service facilities. “We like our customers to think of us as local, when concerning services” said Bobby Lee, Vice Manager of Overseas Market Division, GRG Banking.