GRG’s Foreign Consultant is Honored Guangzhou City Award

Mar 29th, 2008, GRG Banking’s foreign consultant Dr. Do Duc Cuong was honored Guangzhou City Award--Yangcheng Friendship Award by Guangzhou municipal government. Some 46 foreign experts were nominated, and only 14 of them were awarded.


Dr. Do Duc Cuong, former senior executive of Citibank, has dozen of years experience in self-service banking industry. He has played an important role in GRG’s product positioning and standardization. With the help of Dr. Do Duc Cuong, GRG successfully made breakthrough in Vietnam in 2003, which made GRG major supplier of Vietnamese banking industry. It also built solid foundation of expansion to other overseas countries. Till now, GRG products have been recognized by more than 40 countries.


Yangcheng Friendship Award, the highest honor to foreign talents that Guangzhou government confers, is set up for the foreign experts who make contributions to the city's economic construction and social development.


“GRG Banking now is a listed company on China Stock Market, they will make greater progress within domestic market and abroad”, Dr. Do Duc Cuong said, “I am very proud to be a contributor on this achievement!”