GRG Banking helps to build tent bank and mobile bank in earthquake area

May 12th, 2008, Sichuan province,China caught a destructive earthquake, and lots of infrastructure was destroyed, including financial equipments. In order to help banks to recover banking practices, GRGBanking urgently provided the tent bank and mobile bank solution which combined self-service devices and manual service and make use of ATM and branch cash recycler etc. Comparing with building a traditional branch, this solution reduced cost and spent less time. Banks not only offer a full range of banking practices, but also flexibly adjust the site of installation by this solution.

GRGBanking built the first tent bank for Bank of China in Dujiangyan on May 12th, 2008. As a release, GRGBanking will help Agriculture Bank of China build 10 tent banks and 50 mobile banks in disaster area in order to provide banking practices for the earthquake victims.

In addition, GRG Banking northwest service station has started up emergency preplan to provide timely service for banks in the disaster area at any moment.

Facing the sudden earthquake, on the one hand, GRG Banking helped banks repair self-service equipments; on the other hand, GRG and the staff of GRG Banking respectively donated money to help the earthquake victims rebuild home.