GRG Encrypted Pinpad Gained Interac Association Device Certificate

Keeping in pace with the aggressive push in north American market, GRG Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) was certified to the Interac Association Technical Specification and Testing Requirements for Chip PED Device Certification (Version 2.0), China’s first manufacturer winning the new standard.

Interac Association Technical Specification and Testing Requirements are designed to secure personal identification number (PIN)-based transactions globally. Interac 2.0 was first enacted in 2007 and this year it adds requirements to protect against front-side case replacement attacks along with the physical extraction of keys through the front casing. As the largest ATM network and the only debit card acceptance brand in Canada, the certificate assures the security of transactions on Interac national payment network through GRG ATMs across Canada.

As the world’s leading financial self-service solution provider, GRG is China’s first manufacturer that meets the new standard. Under the commitment of continually exploring ways to enhance its ATM product security, GRG has taken efforts to provide a security solution in all sides. As a part of GRG’s total security solution to deter the widely-spread ATM fraud, GRG’s keypad security combines a keyboard and encryption module that supports Triple DES, dual or split knowledge control in a master or session key Hierarchy. Its new EPP pin pad also makes significant breakthrough in processing speed and encryption key storage capacity.

 "We believe securing financial transactions with technologies like GRG’s EPP is important in the circumstances that user information pilferage becomes a main concern. We’ve been committed to building products that can be trusted by both the financial services industry and the public. GRG are upbeat and confident to meet the security requirements in North American market.” said Adam Lee, vice president of GRG Banking.