GRG Banking’s TVMs in the operation of Beijing-Tianjin Inter-city Express Railw

 Hu Yadong, the Minister of China Railway Dept. is visiting GRG Banking’s TVMs

Beijing-Tianjin Inter-city Express Railway is the first international inter-city express railway in China with independent intellectual property right. It has adopted a series of new high-tech on its equipments, among which, the ticket vending machine (TVM) is one of the highlights.

On July 29th, 2008, members from overall 18 railway bureaus carried out comprehensive examinations before its opening, and showed great interest in GRG Banking’s TVMs, M822 and M822Z. Hu Yadong, the Minister of China Railway Dept., has experienced the operation process and praised highly about it.

It is found by the journalist that GRG Banking’s TVM supports not only banknotes with different denominations, but credit card as well.

GRG Banking’s TVM provides a more convenient way for passengers to buy tickets, which fully shows a new image of Chinese first inter-city express railway.