GRG Solution Releases BOC Teller from Manual Reconciliation

Guangzhou, China-Technology’s impact on business operations continues to transform managerial controls and measurement while providing profitability enhancement opportunities. Recently, the top state-owned commercial banks in China, Bank of China (BOC), signed the contract of ATM software solution with GRG to automate its ATM reconciliation operation.

Bank of China has ATM network of over 177,000 terminals and 580 branches in over 30 countries. As the network expands, BOC require a more effective tool to integrate the management of the self-service channel and facilitate reconciliation from the traditional high-cost and low efficiency operation.

GRG ATM reconciliation software LiquidData features accurate and quick positioning and capturing miscalculation with balance reconciliation and transaction reconciliation. LiquidData allows flexible configuration to fit usual practice and enables manual reconciliation on terminal in case of network disconnection, incidental power-off or terminal malfunction. It also offers tracing strategy and functionality of reconciliation dispatching by email or SMS. Electronic journal automatically locates miscalculation at the first place.

GRG has been a primary ATM hardware and solution provider for Bank of China in past ten years, as well as the other three state-owned commercial banks. GRG ATM monitoring solution, ATM Remote management solution and ATM reconciliation solution has been put into practice for BOC ATM since 2007. GRG ATM reconciliation solution enables automatic processing of ATM transaction that eliminates manual intervention, which leads to reductions in costs and resources allocated to the tasks and an improvement in business productivity.