World Brand Lab: Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China 2009

GUANGZHOU, CHINA-According to the news release by World Brand Lab, GRG ranks among the Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China 2009 after analyzing enterprise financial reports, market value and brand recognition.

GRG was ranked in the 359th place with a value of RMB 1.966 billion (USD 287.8 million), the only enterprise in financial self-service industry listed among the top 500. It is the sixth time WBL organized analysis on top 500 most valuable brands in China, in which, ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) topped the list with a value of RMB125.086 billion (USD18.3046 billion), followed by China Grid, CCTV, China Mobile and China Life Insurance.

The top 500 list is based on a three-year Chinese consumer brands tendency investigation covering 25 countries around the globe. Fluctuation of the rankings shows the impact of economic downturn, while Chinese brands are edging up to gain more credit from consumers at home and abroad. Ranking among the list gives proof that GRG successfully enhances its competitive edge despite the worldwide economic stagnancy.