GRG Banking gets order from Bank of China

GRG Banking has received the order from Bank of China (BOC), which established in 1912 as the oldest bank in China. In the past 90 years, BOC has played an important role in promoting China’s economic and social progress through its active involvement in the country’s international trade and financial activities.

The ¥65million deal including more than 400 E22 TTW CD and E22 Lobby CD has been made on December 2005. This was the first order from BOC for this year. Following order is expected in the near future. The initial order between two parties can be traced to the year of 1994. Along with years’ cooperation, GRG Banking and BOC have remained faithful relationship. As ATMs have become major facility for retail banking, GRG Banking devoted to migrate more transaction activities into ATM channels and provide better services to BOC and customers.

E22 is famous for the feature of stableness and reliability, and ergonomic and modular design. The model of E22 has been successfully deployed in varied banks of different countries.


The cooperation between two parties has solidified the leading position of GRG Banking in the field of financial self-service. “We are dedicating to provide customers with the best products.” said by Mr. Wu, the manager of Sales Dept of GRG Banking.