GRGBanking further Accelerates Banking Automation in Bangladesh

On April 25th, GRGBanking signed a new intelligent financial solutions contract with Bangladesh United Commercial Bank (UCBL) and Zara Zaman Technology, continuously extending the profound cooperation. So far, GRGBanking is still maintaining 100% market share of recycler in Bangladesh.


Inheriting to The Belt and Road Initiative, GRGBanking carries forward globalization rapidly. The continuously construction of localized service platform through core R&D competitiveness and the full local talents support mediates numerous constant cooperation among various regions. “GRGBanking’s solution has been in use in Bangladesh for more than a decade, winning unanimous appreciation of local banks and users. The superior product quality and fast-respond service attract us to optimize seamless banking service in Bangladesh with GRGBanking once again.” said Mr. NURUL MUSTAFA TAREK, the Deputy Managing Director of UCBL.

The advantages of completed service platform built under globalization & localization strategy is apparent. GRGBanking overcome the great challenges of algorithm development with its strong independent R&D capacity and local service system, managed to be the only recycler provider in Bangladesh with the support of local partner Zara Zaman Technology. GRGBanking Cash Recyclers passed the testing of the Bangladesh Central Bank in 2017 while the other vendors are still struggling with the algorithm development of highly-soil notes, hole notes, graffiti notes and discolored notes till now. So far, the first machine deployed by GRGBanking in Bangladesh is still in use, the outstanding product quality impresses the industry. Bangladesh press has extensively reported a fire broke out in a textile factory few years ago, during which the whole factory was burned down while the GRGBanking equipment was not seriously damaged.

文本框: Group photo of UCBL & Zara Zaman & GRGBanking The trust of UCBL fully demonstrates the success of GRGBanking’s localization strategy. During the signing ceremony, UCBL delegation and GRGBanking conducted in-depth exchanges on the strategic cooperation of branch transformation. The guests paid great attention to the Omni-Channel solution and highly praised the biometrics technologies such as finger vein. "In the future, we will strive to facilitate the life of local people with AI solution!" Andy Huang, the president of GRGBanking, indicated.