GRGBanking President Andy Huang explored AI strategy expansibility in Southeast Asia

From April 14th to 20th, Andy Huang, the president of GRGBanking, conducted an in-depth investigation tour of AI strategy expansibility in Southeast Asia, exploring the trend of AI +application as well as cooperation opportunities under the Belt and Road Initiative with local banks, high-tech companies and well-known universities. 


Having been focus on Big Data + Intelligent Terminalstrategy since 2018, GRGBanking now devotes itself into innovating multi AI +scenarios for overseas market. Solid foundation and rich experience in AI application scenarios has been gained with the landing of "Digital Bank Branch", "Transportation QR Code Payment", "Intelligent Security Checking", "Smart Police Affair", "Smart Tourism" and other projects. During this trip, President Huang had in-depth exchanges with innovative companies and professors of National University of Singapore to strengthen the future development of smart city construction, big data application and branch transformation. Strategic cooperation agreement on AI solutions has been signed with SVOA Group, one of the largest ICT (Information and Communication Technology) companies in Thailand. The strong collaboration in software development and platform building accelerate the promotion of AI solutions in different overseas scenarios.


Establishing overseas subsidiaries in Singapore, Vietnam and Hongkong, the comprehensive local platform and service network accumulated in the financial business sector further strengthen the advantages of Asian market. GRGBankings integrated solution assists various banks lead the local financial service innovation. The DBS VTM project made great contributions to branch transformation in Singapore while helped DBS win various international awards and unanimous appreciation of users. In Thailand, GRGBanking is providing strong support for the reform and innovation of local banks in housing loans, car loans, investment and financial management. Mr. Andy Huang obtained customer feedback & suggestion as well as conducted deep discussion on future banking during the meeting with the high-level management of DBS, GHB and GSB. Having a good command of the most urgent and critical needs of various customers, GRGBanking has always been able to customize pain points solving solutions to help banks accelerate branch automation & digitization. 


President Huang stressed: "Southeast Asia has many popular tourist cities, huge visitors flowrate requests trial standing big data application as well as intelligent scenic spots management & security solution. GRGBanking has more than ten years' experience in data analysis of Chinese holiday traffic peak and intellectualized service ability of ticket selling & checking, the experienced R&D team and localized service team can efficiently provide complete solutions for local market.With over 20 years of continuous construction of the global network and local service team, GRGBanking will contribute more benchmarking projects to overseas market to facilitate local customerslives.