GRG Banking EPP gets VISA Approval

In the Year 2004, MasterCard International and Visa International made agreement to support common standards to align PIN Entry Device (PED) security requirements and approval procedures, which were fully put into effect since October 2004. The global standard will simplify testing processes, reduce the costs for vendors, provide a wider selection of PED products to financial institutions, and benefit everyone involves.


GRG Banking’s Encryption Pin Pad (EPP-001) has been certified as being compliant with new Visa security requirements EPP PCI. Recently, GRG Banking has applied the EPP-001 on DT7000 E22 ATM, and is planning to apply it on all ATM new models. Detail information has been stated on the PCI EPP Approval List.

(Please refer to Visa official website: )GRG Banking Self-developed Encryption Pin Pad (EPP-001) adopted latest advanced high-speed secure microcontroller, supporting encryption of DES, 3DES, RSA, MAC calculation, and major PIN Block Format, fulfilled application requirements of different countries. The EPP supports Dual Control-Split Knowledge procedures and RSA based remote key load. The key management is using MK/SK Hierarchy.


GRG EPP001 is highly security, and compliant with the safety requirements of latest self-service equipments. EPP is able to detect different kinds of attack, for instance, keyboard dismantling, security model dismantling, chemical solvents, splitting drilling.  And immediately self-destruct to protect the possibility of information disclosure. Meanwhile, EPP can effectively prevent varied attack by logical analysis, such as SPA, Kuhn Attack, exhaustive PIN determination and much more.


“With Visa Approval PED and many other security certifications such as EMV and UL, now as a customer, you can be more confident with our products. GRG Banking is aiming to provide customers with the best quality.” said Youyong Zhao, the chairman of GRG Banking.