The Global Customer Exchange 2018 of GRGBanking was staged with Great Success

GRGBanking’s Global Customer Exchange 2018 (GCE) returned to Guangzhou, China on 6th-8th November 2018, hosting more than 200 delegates from over 50 countries around the world gathered in Guangzhou for a three-day brain storming session addressing the topic of “ATM+ & AI: Transformation with Intelligence”. Featuring showcase, case studies and 30+ keynote addresses, the conference explored themes as diverse as the use of AI to enhance customer engagement and boost banking transformation, with attendees also able to sample the latest technologies of GRGBanking in the interactive showcase area.



How will AI Assist Banking Transformation?

Opening 12th conference, Andy Huang, Chairman and CEO of GRGBanking, set out his view of a new industrial revolution sweeping away traditional business models. “The development of financial technology is driving the improvement of customer service around the world. The leading technologies such as AI and cloud databases, have provided breakthrough solutions for the financial industry.” Andy Huang said, emphasising that GRGBanking must attune themselves to attitudes and values of their evolving customer base. “During this banking development era, how can GRGBanking help banks rapidly improve and transform? Through our core technology and integration of AI, we will provide intelligent solutions tailored to our customers. Additionally, GRGBanking continues to expand its global market by developing sales and operations teams to provide the local service and technical support for the customers.”


Feedback from Customers

“I’m actually very impressive with the organization. I’ve seen many guests from more than 40 countries I think. Yesterday I have been GRGBanking Industrial Park, and saw a lot of demonstrations which are also very exciting and innovative. It is quite impressive. I found that is very interesting to meet new people, and it is a good time for TPBank and GRGBanking to go looking for a new cooperation in the future.” -- Mr. Tran Hoai Nam, IPPS-Digital Bank Head of TPBank


“This is a fantastic event I’ve seen. Customers come from different nations here. This event actually helps us together to discuss all the challenges and issues here. We also exchange the views with GRGBanking and the other companies from the world.” -- Mr. Nurul Mustafa Tarek, Deputy Managing Director of UCB


“You guys down here are impressive. Actually the whole country is impressive with the all the technologies. In Guangzhou area, it is really great. In GRGBanking, you have the top of the technology regarding the ATMs in the industry. I was quite impressive with the recycler, facial recognition and finger vein, etc. it just great, you’re the top of the option compare to any other technology that I’ve seen everywhere else.” -- Mr. Jorge Garcia Soriano, CEO of RedBlue Cajeros Automaticos


“I love it, I think it is a good idea for everybody to come here and show what the advantages with GRGBanking, what are their businesses. Your ATMs are amazing, all your products, your recycling machine… Since first time came here, we are very impressive with your products, pretty much we fell in love with your products. It is very important for everybody to know how they can use GRGBanking’s products in their countries through GCE event.” -- Mr. Humberto Reyes Jr, COO of Armstrong


“The event is very excellent, talks about the revolution and the future of the banking services, etc. This event is really excellent and amazing.” -- Nawaf Ali AI-Anizi, CEO of Hemaia Group


“This is the sixth times I came to GCE, for me this is a very good and valuable event. Why I came here all the time, because I can exchange ideas and experience with people, and learn all speeches here, collect information, see the new innovative products presented by GRGBanking every time. Every year, I have different feeling, not only about the hot topics discuss here, but also I saw many innovation, new ideas and progress on products and solutions. Also I have a good relationship with guests and friends here. We share ideas together, see what changes every year in their country.” -- Dr. Osama Ibrahim, GM of Intelligent Solutions


“The first time for is 2015, 2016 and this year. I’ve seen that every time is something new and every time is something better in term of organization about powerful of GRGBanking, in this point of view but also especially regarding products and software solutions, everything is very interesting, and we see that everyone here you are moving faster and concerning technology and new solutions for banking automation.” -- Mr. Riccardo Fidani, Purchase Manager of Sigma S.p.A.


“From my point of view, this is a very big and good event for gathering marketing information and advanced technologies, and how to build a bank globally in a global perspective, it’s a big learning section for me.” -- M. Khorshed Anowar, Head of Retail Banking of Eastern Bank


“It’s a fantastic and nice event and organization, many new things coming in. I’m really impressive with the event. Exactly this is my first time to attend, you have a wide range of innovative products, and hopefully I can attend it next time as well, because we can see many innovations are going on.” -- Kankanamge Indikadulle, CEO of East Link Enginnering CO.