GRG Banking Wins Contract

ATM Qualification Tender has been hold by Bank of China on August, 2005.
There are totally ten enterprises applied for the access including Diebold, Donar, Eastcom, Fujitsu, GRG Banking, Great Wall, Hitachi, IBM, NCR and Wincor Nixdorf.

Only four firms eventually qualified the evaluation of Bank of China. GRG Banking is the only national cooperation that wins the contract finally. Other winning manufacturers are Diebold, Wincor Nixdorf and Donar.

GRG Banking has served for Bank of China for several years. Bank of China is one of our major clients. The successful evaluation once more proves that, GRG Banking is widely recognized by the financial market. Although with relatively short history, GRG Banking is capable to provide stable and reliable financial self-service total solution to the customers, while maintaining competitive advantages.

Bank of China is the second largest commercial bank in China. The network has covered 27 countries. Currently, Bank of China owns approximate 10000 ATMs national wide. The total purchase amount for year 2005 will be around 1200 ATMs.